Booking Information

Myer Centre car park pre-paid bookings are available for single days only. Bookings are suitable for anyone who is able to plan their car park entry and exit times in advance. If you are not aware of what your actual entry and exit times will be, unfortunately online bookings are not suitable for your visit
You must complete the booking process and make payment at least 15 minutes prior to entering the car park
You may enter the car park up to 30 minutes before (but, at least 15 minutes after paying for your booking), and no more than 30 minutes after the entry time that you specified when booking. If you do not enter within this window and exit by the exit time you specified when booking, additional charges will apply
If you encounter any difficulties using your booking at the car park entry or exit. You must press the help button at the time so we have an opportunity to assist you. Do not make any payment at the car park before seeking assistance   

Our Frequently Asked Questions are listed below.

If this is your first booking, please enter your entry and exit times, follow the prompts and your account will be set up automatically for you during the process. You will receive an email with your account details to use for future bookings or to make any changes to existing bookings.

To improve security and make future bookings simpler, please change your account password to one of your choice as soon as possible.  

No; All online bookings are time dependent; this is to ensure there is parking available for everyone who books.

Your actual entry time must be as close as possible, to the entry time you booked for.

You must book at least 15 minutes prior to entering the car park.

You may enter the car park up to 30 minutes before (but at least 15 minutes after making your booking), and no more than 30 minutes after the entry time that you specified when booking.


You can amend or cancel your booking any time up to 30 minutes prior to your booked entry time.

No; Bookings are available for single days only (Up to 7 am the day following entry). You cannot use multiple bookings to extend your stay beyond one day.

You are able to park for more than one day, however you will be charged the standard car park fees as displayed at the car park entry for all time beyond your booked period when you exit the car park.

Bookings must be made at least 15 minutes prior to your intended arrival time.

If you enter the car park more than 30 minutes prior to the entry time that you have booked, your booking is not valid and you will not be able to use this booking. You will have to pay the standard drive up rates, for the entire period of your stay prior to exiting.


You can make on-line bookings up to 30 days in advance of your intended arrival date.


Yes; you may cancel or amend a booking up to 15 minutes prior to your original booked entry time, by logging in to your account

All booking cancellations incur a $1 fee.

Car park staff are unable to cancel or amend bookings on your behalf.  


No, if your booking was made under a different registration, you will need to contact us by using the help button on arrival at the car park entry. We will assist you by producing a prepaid ticket to use when leaving.


If the registration change is permanent, you will need to log into your account and update your vehicle registration before making your next booking.


The online booking system uses 24 hour time format. For example: 6 am is 06:00 and 6 pm is 18:00.

Please check you have entered the time in 24 hour format. 

The booking site uses 24 hour time format with all times quoted being Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Yes; you need to have this information available while using your booking in case we need to verify your booking.  

Your booking confirmation is also your tax invoice. 

The first time you book with us, our system generates 2 separate emails which are sent to the email address you supplied at the time of booking. The first email is titled “New Account Login” and contains your user name and password. The second email is titled “Booking Confirmation” and contains a PDF file which is your booking confirmation and tax invoice.

If you did not receive either of these emails, please check your spam or junk mail folders. If you are using a mobile device, you may need to log into a full site to access these folders. Email addresses which end with do not accept PDF attachments from our servers. In this case, please use a different email address.    

If you received the first “New Account Login” email but not the second “booking confirmation email”, please log into your account, click on the booking and download the booking confirmation by clicking on the “print receipt” button.  

Please add to your contact list to assist.

Yes; log in to your account at and check your bookings. If you have accidentally made more than one booking, you will be able to identify and cancel the incorrect booking. You can cancel a booking up to 15 minutes prior to the arrival time of your booking period.

Our system uses licence plate recognition to match vehicle registrations to bookings. 

Please drive up to the entry gate slowly, ensuring there is a minimum of 3 m between you and any vehicle which may be in front of you. Our system will attempt to match your vehicle registration to your booking. Currently more than 98% of vehicle registrations are correctly read.  

When the system matches your vehicle registration to your booking, the entry gate will rise automatically. This should take no more than 2 - 3 seconds. You do not need a ticket. Please drive through and park. 

If you experience any difficulties at the entry, press the help button and our staff member will assist you as quickly as possible.

If your booking does not work at the entry gate and you do not contact us before you enter the car park, we will not be able to assist you.

You may park in any available bay, except those marked as reserved bays. Disabled bays may only be used if a valid permit is displayed. Parent with Pram bays may only be used if you have an infant in your vehicle.

To qualify for the online early bird rate, you may not exit the car park prior to 12 Noon. If you do exit prior to 12 Noon, additional fees will be incurred.

For all other bookings, you may leave at any time prior to your booked exit time, however, if you do not park for your entire booking period, you will forfeit the remaining time of that booking. No refund will be given.

For all bookings, there is a 10 minute grace period beyond your booked exit time where further charges will not be levied. If you leave late, such that your vehicle remains in the car park more than 10 minutes past your booked exit time, you will be charged for that time at the standard rates as published on the parking rates board displayed at the car park entry.

Please drive directly to the exit. 

Drive up to the gate slowly, ensuring there is a minimum of 3 m between you and any vehicle in front of you.

Our system will match your vehicle registration to your booking.

If your stay is within your booking parameters, the gate will rise automatically.

If the gate does not rise automatically, or you experience any other difficulties, press the help button for assistance. 


If for any reason, your booking did not work, please forward a written request for a refund by email and we will respond as soon as possible. Usually within 2 business days. 

After examining the circumstances, if we find that we, or our equipment was at fault, we will issue a full refund.

Where there is no fault on our part, and after due consideration of all circumstances, we may, at our sole discretion provide a parking credit or refund. However, an administration fee of $2 will be deducted from any refund we provide to help cover our reasonable costs 



The Myer Centre Car Park is staffed 24 hours a day. You can press the help button at any entry, payment machine, or exit gate within the Myer Centre car park at any time for assistance.

You can telephone the car park Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM on (07) 3229 1699. You can also email us at   

The Myer Centre Customer Service desk is unable to assist with car park enquiries.